Princeten Charles

// Germany


As a highly talented producer, Princeten gives a potent glimpse into the hotbed of Indian vibes in Europe. His works consist of music written, arranged and composed by himself. The colours of his beats range from urban and swing to playful and intricate ballads with an emphasis on strong ensemble dynamics.

Princeten’s reputation as an original composer/arranger for well known singers continues to grow. Since 2007, He has worked with various rappers and major R&B artists from Europe, North America and India. His melodic inventiveness, harmonic richness and willingness to take chances are amazing.

Princeten possesses a refreshingly open-eared sensibility in the modern manner, and he has more than enough virtuosity and sheer musical wit and intelligence to weave all of his apparently disparate strands of influence (modern bollywood music, electro, jazz, and R&B) into an original and compelling whole.

His latest successful exploits include Dushan Ponniah’s Gospel R&B album “New Beginning” and the musical score for the short film, “9 Dollars & 50 Cents.” Princeten continues to be in high demand as an artist: performing, composing and arranging music. He works worldwide doing commissioned works, recording projects, performances and cross cultural collaborations.


Agency Rapture Records

Email music@rapturerecords.ca

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