Gloriah Benihin

// Sri Lanka


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Gloriah Elizabeth Sarah Benihin is a vibrant and a devoted worship leader who inspires children and youth to cultivate praise and worship as their innate lifestyle.

“I had a totally different intention of what I wanted to become in life. I was a good Christian but not a devoted one. My mom is the senior pastor of our church, but, I wasn’t into much of the ministry work although I always loved running around and working at our church.”

But at the age of 13, the Holy Spirit miraculously touched Gloria and blessed her with a talent to praise and worship the Lord.

“God turned my life upside down. I was a very bad singer. I was only into choreographing. This voice I have now appeared in me when I was 13 years old. Since then it is the Holy Spirit who is singing through me and not my own self. I couldn’t sing and I never intended to sing.”

Now, serving as the senior worship leader at Word of God Embassy in Sri Lanka (An affiliation of Heavenly Vision Ministries, USA) and leading the worship band “Majestic”, Gloria is reaping souls for Jesus Christ through her ministry. She actively engages, ministers and prays for youth through the social networks.

“My vision is to enlighten this world on how powerful and mighty our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is and what happens when we allow the Holy Spirit to flow through us. I want to lead people into heavenly realms in worship where there is healing, freedom, and joy. This is what I live to do.“


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