Q: I have a demo that I want to submit to Rapture Records. Where can I send it?

Send us your demo songs to ">. You will receive a response once your music has been reviewed by the team in our creative department. If your files are larger than 10MB, please send them as a separate files.

Q: How can I license one of these recordings?

There are no license fees for non commercial use. If you intend to use one of our recording for commercial purposes, please contact us for a written consent from our artist. Please do credit the artist in your work. ">

Q: How do I get one your artist to perform?

Contact us via email at and we will respond to your request as soon as possible. Please include details to the event you are hosting (ie. purpose, time, location, duration etc.) so that we may relay the information accurately to the artist.

Q: Would it be possible to collaborate with one of your artist?

This depends on the nature of your proposed collaboration, availability of the artist/scheduling and whether or not there may be a conflict of interest. Email your detailed proposal to and with your contact information so that we may discuss further. Be prepared to present a sample of your previous works so that we have an idea of your background in music.

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